Hit-or-miss director Jamie Blanks, mostly known for the somewhat entertaining Urban Legendand the somewhat bad Valentine, has landed a deal with Dimension Films for his latest project -- the horror/thriller Storm Warning. According to an article over at CHUD, the Weinstein-owned Dimension has taken North American, Australian and New Zealand rights to the pic with an eye to a Summer 2007 release.

Storm Warning, written by Everett De Roche and featuring a cast of lesser-knowns including the very cute Nadia Feres, Robert Taylor and Matthew Wilkinson -- who also appears in the upcoming Ghost Rider, centers on a young wealthy couple who seek refuge in an isolated farmhouse during a storm. Once there, they soon realize they're not in the house of their own free will but in reality, have been captured by a group of deranged killers. Man, won't people ever learn -- you never go into an isolated farmhouse during a storm especially with all the deranged killers lurking around.

Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure I've seen this movie before once or twice -- or, at the very least, something pretty darn similar. Its not exactly what we in the trade would call "original." Still, Blanks has shown his directing chops before with Urban Legend and I don't really blame him all that much for Valentine -- it wasn't horrible, just not very good. It's also pretty easy to overlook a film's flaws when you're distracted by the beauty of Denise Richards, Marley Shelton and my future wife Katherine Heigl. So, let's just chalk that one up to the well-known "sophomore slump." Besides, everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second (or third) chance, right? How else can one explain Mark Steven Johnson's career? Sorry, was that cynical? I can never tell anymore.
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