It's going to be a long time before this film gets made, let alone released, but you might want to keep your eye on Colombian director Victor Gaviria's latest film, Latinos. The film, which is scheduled to begin shooting a year from now, will be an immigration-based movie set in Spain. It is about two teen brothers from Colombia who try to find a new life for themselves with their mother. One is successful at integrating into his new surroundings while the other is not.

Gaviria, a Cannes' Golden Palm nominee, is known for conducting extensive research for his films and using amateur thespians to heighten the sense of reality. Latinos is looking to be no different. The film will be an interesting family production -- Laviria's wife, Lina Echeverri, is the executive producer, and he is co-writing the film with siblings Enrique and Masha Gabriel. The film will pull from 15 hours of video interviews and hundreds of e-mails from immigrants in Spain. Although the film will be set overseas, I'm sure that it will be a worthwhile project well beyond Spain's borders, especially here in North America, where Latino struggles are quite prevalent. I, for one, am quite interested to see how the filmmakers will deal with two brothers of the same past who fall into radically different lifestyles. Unfortunately, we're in for a really long wait.
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