There's a buzz about the air in the faraway lands of, um, Far, Far Away. Teenage girls, those of ogre descent and otherwise, are in a frenzy. After his ill-fated acting debut in the straight-to-DVD disaster 'Edison Force' and a more promising turn in next month's 'Alpha Dog,'Justin Timberlake becomes the most prominent new cast member of May's 'Shrek the Third.' The first two installments of the wildly popular franchise grossed something like $700 million billion combined (give or take or a few zeroes) and there's no reason to think 'The Third' will do any less.

Check out the photo below of Animated JT, who plays King Arthur (Artie to his homeys), cousin to Fiona (real-life girlfriend Cameron Diaz) -- Timberlake's the hippy-looking humanoid, pictured with Shrek (Mike Myers), Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas). Then give us your best, funniest, most awesomist caption. Also make sure to check out the exclusive trailer premiere of 'Shrek the Third' live now (click here for trailer).

Good luck, and come back and play every week. We'll soon be awarding prizes to said most awesomist captioner. Even if he or she uses really bad English.

Shrek the Third movie

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