These days, it doesn't take much for someone to accuse someone else of being a terrorist. Frankly, I'm surprised no one has flagged Santa yet, what with that long beard and huge bulky bag. No one personally knows the guy, he claims to live in "the North Pole" and already admits to breaking into your house in order to "leave gifts under your tree." Suuure. I want Homeland Security tailing that dude STAT! In schools across the country, the problem is even worse -- if a kid looks a bit off and doesn't have a lot of friends, students immediately fear the guy (or girl) is planning to shoot up their class or, even worse, blow up the school.

Enter: Dave Kalstein's screenplay, The Prince. Intrepid Pictures has just picked up the teen thriller, with plans to co-finance it through a five-year first-look deal they have with Universal and Rogue Pictures. Story revolves around a kid who's falsely accused of planning a Columbine-like attack on one of those pricey rich schools where, if you're not part of the cool clique, then you're automatically a target. After he's sent to prison, the dude re-enters society with a new identity hell-bent on exacting revenge upon those who sent him away. Yeah, so the guy gets back at these kids by doing exactly what he was falsely accused of doing. Says Kalstein, "Part of what's enjoyable about the film is watching Paris Hilton and her type of crowd get what they deserve."

Wow, this could be the first (and only) time in my entire life that I actually want to see Paris Hilton cast in a film. Seriously. And no, those aren't the drugs talking.

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