While she's been limited to voice work for the past two years and hasn't physically appeared on screen since Ocean's Twelve, Julia Roberts is everywhere right now. She's currently gearing up for a major comeback -- My Best Friend's Wedding-style -- and will be kicking off Roberts Revival 2006 with a role in the live-action film (yay!) Charlie Wilson's War (which actually comes out in 2007, so we might need to revise the Revival year). Following that, Roberts will be starring in an adaptation of The Friday Night Knitting Club, and she's also developing a live-action film surrounding those American Girl dolls. Oh, and at some point she will settle down in order to Eat, Pray, Love. Busy much?

Well, tack on another one for Roberts, because Variety reports the actress will produce and most likely star in another adaptation -- the best-selling novel Happiness Sold Separately (cute title, eh?), written by Lolly Winston. Scott Coffey (who made his directorial debut with last year's Ellie Parker) will adapt and direct, while Fox Searchlight is in negotiations to distribute. If she takes the role, Roberts will play a suburban wife (as soon as you hear that character description, you instantly know someone is cheating on their spouse) whose marriage begins to evaporate after her husband -- wait for it -- has an affair with the nutritionist at their gym. Sexy ... yet, sad. I dig it.

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