I'm green with envy! The entertainment industry has calculated their CO² emissions before I have. I'm under the delusion that being five feet tall means I'm less responsible for destroying the environment than Paramount. Height has something to do with it, right?

But really, it seems that Hollywood is taking a strong stance against global warming. Al Gore'sAn Inconvenient Truth didn't only force regular folk to take a look at their lifestyles but the movie folk as well. It's even become fashionable to be an environmental activist. Most celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon to save the planet. Not that I mind at all; I make it sound like this is the next annoying thing. In fact, I think it's great. I myself do my best to help protect the environment. One time I filled my entire car up with water bottles to recycle. I became convinced I could refuel my entire gas tank with the cash refund. It wasn't until I did the math that I realized the drive to the recycling center would cost me more money than I would receive and I also would be contributing that much more CO² into the environment. Therefore I threw them into my parents' recycling bins when I went home for Thanksgiving.

But -- in a calculated move similar to my recycling, but, you know, actually effective -- Hollywood's trying to go green. And, the interesting part of Variety's spotlight on Hollywood's efforts to be green is that it seems they're really doing it. United Talent Agency calculated their annual C0² emissions and has planted enough trees to make their company carbon neutral in 2006. Well, when I say 'planted' them, I mean they hired Go Zero and had them take care of it. A fun green fact to know is that Syriana was the first film expressly planned to be carbon neutral. They calculated exactly how much carbon emissions they would produce into the environment during the entire production and then took the necessary actions, planting trees and other routes (constructing wind farms possibly) to neutralize their emissions. Now I feel like I understand something about Syriana, even if it's just that there are now enough trees to soak up the CO² from the generators used to run the lights, cameras and the coffeemakers.

Studios, agencies, actors and people are all on their way to saving the polar bears and restoring the environmental balance. It truly is incredible.; I'm just curious -- in the future do you think we'll be reading, "Exactly 157 trees were planted during the making of this film." on the back of DVD jackets?
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