Piracy is nothing new, especially since the explosion of Napster back when it was a pirated mp3 heaven. Now, half the time we hit the theaters or buy/rent a DVD, we have to sit through a whole spiel on movie piracy. Beyond questioning the actual validity of MPAA and movie company claims, there is a consumer backlash of people fed up with being treated like a pirate with no cause. The current rant on The Movie Blog might be a bit exaggerated, but it's true. The steps taken to curb piracy haven't stopped the myriad of illegal downloads available, but have made it difficult for consumers to back up their purchase or view it on other devices.

A new study performed by ABI research has ripped another hole in the already-weak rampant claims of unstoppable movie piracy and the struggling film business. According to the study, which polled 1,725 North American online consumers 18+, only 5% watched legal digital movie downloads, and even less watch illegal downloads, making it "the least watched genre of online video on the Internet." The majority of respondents say they watch short-form content like news, sports and viral media. Why are they ignoring digitally-acquired films and illegal downloads? Because "they were satisfied with their current providers and the rental market."

Obviously this is more of the same. But maybe, just maybe, if we get enough of these studies together that prove most of us are not movie swashbucklers, they'll create an invisible shield from the incessant claims.

[via The Movie Blog]