Here at Cinematical we don't condone violence -- unless, of course, it's of the cinematic (aka fake) kind where computer generated cars explode or armies of supernatural creatures battle it out for world domination. Unfortunately, in the real world, people are often angry and/or stupid and do things to each other they shouldn't. Such is the case with comedian/actor Pauly Shore this week. What happened?

Well, according to a video going around the net, Shore was working in a club in Odessa, Texas and was trying to make it through his act. A few seconds into the video, some cowboy in a giant hat comes onstage, words are exchanged and the cowboy punches Shore, knocking him to the floor. Then, security grabs the cowboy and takes him off-stage. Little late there guys, don't you think? If the video can be believed, this is a very unfortunate incident. Of course, there's always the possibility it was staged to get publicity and enhance Shore's somewhat sagging career.

It's not impossible to believe Shore would fake something like this -- especially given what happened with Michael Richards recently. The timing is almost too perfect for it to be a random thing. However, if the video is real, this just isn't right. Nobody deserves this -- even Shore. People should be able to do their jobs without fear of violence. I know there are dangerous jobs -- bomb disposal, fisherman, roofer, timber cutter -- Forbes Magazine even has a list of the ten most dangerous ones. Strange, I don't see stand-up comedian on the list. Fake or real, tragedy or hoax -- given the nature of the internet, I'm sure we'll find out the truth any minute now.
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