Last we heard from Quentin Tarantino regarding Inglorious Bastards (ya know, that WWII film he's been attached to for, like, ever?), the dude said he had spent five years writing the script (which was at a whopping 1,000 pages), and still needed one more year before moving forward. Well, that one year has come and gone -- and, while Tarantino has been busy filming Grind House with Robert Rodriguez, we still don't know if he will follow that film up with Bastards or if he'll be a bastard himself and squeeze out something else.

According to IMDB, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth are the only actors attached to Bastards, and there have been rumors that Sylvester Stallone was also interested in a role. Or Tarantino was interested in Stallone. Regardless, while out promoting Rocky Balboa, Stallone officially denied his participation (kind of), saying: "No, I gotta talk to Quentin about that, I've been reading about that. That's possible but I don't know how we would get together, it wouldn't be easy." It appears Stallone will follow up Rambo 4 with that biopic about Edgar Allen Poe (which he'll direct, not star -- thank God), and so his schedule is wrapped up for quite a while. Then again, it could be years before Tarantino actually gets around to making Inglorious Bastards -- if, at that time, there's a part for a 70 year-old Stallone, then why not?

With Bastards, Tarantino intends to pay homage (when is he not paying homage?) to Enzo G. Castellari's 1977 Italian film of the same name, as well as other classic war flicks like The Dirty Dozen and The Great Escape. Story follows a group of soldiers during WWII who are set to die by firing squad for doing bad things, but ultimately are awarded a chance to live for a little while longer when they're sent on a suicide mission for the Allies. Sounds groovy, but will it ever happen?

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