I remember back when Marilyn Manson was gaining in popularity, there was a rumor going around that claimed he was in fact the same dude who played Paul Pfeiffer (Josh Saviano) on The Wonder Years. And then that rumor turned into another one that had Josh Saviano playing drums for Manson, instead. Of course it wasn't true, and having met Saviano a couple times, I can honestly tell you the guy is not Manson, nor his drummer, but is currently a married attorney living in New York City. Oh, but it was one helluva fun rumor while it existed.

Nerve.com has assembled the 40 greatest celebrity rumors of all time, and some of them go way back (Clara Bow slept with an entire football team?), while others are more current (does baby Suri actually exist?). By now, you're probably wondering which rumor Nerve chose to stick in the number one spot. Well, let's just say it's the one that involves Richard Gere and his pet gerbil. Yuck. Marilyn Monroe pops up a couple times, as does Hitler (wait, he's a celebrity?) and his one testicle. Oh, and there's also the one about Jamie Lee Curtis having both male and female parts. I swear I'm not making this stuff up -- my imagination does not stretch that far. The one celebrity rumor that's not on there -- and I have no idea how it didn't make their list -- was, perhaps, one of the biggest rumors of all time ... is Elvis still alive? Or even the one that claimed Andy Kaufman was still alive and playing his greatest practical joke on all of us. However, they do include Elvis and Kaufman in the "Jim Morrison is alive" rumor, so I imagine they wanted to stick all the "death rumors" in one spot. But still? Elvis? C'mon, Nerve!

Check out the list, then come back here and let us know your favorite celebrity rumors of all time.

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