Canada's Top Ten is an annual film list that showcases notable Canadian films. More than just a list, the films have screenings in the New Year that include panel discussions and often appearances by the filmmakers themselves. In the past, they've showcased the likes of Spider, Childstar and Where the Truth Lies. In its sixth year, the list is stirring up some complaints, as it has neglected to include the top two box office draws -- Bon Cop, Bad Cop and Silent Hill.

Don Cormody, producer of Silent Hill, sites the exclusion as the divide between the tastes of the critics and the tastes of the general public. We've heard this critique before, but I wonder when the distinction between the cinematic best and the fan favorites will be made? Personally, my favorite films rarely, if ever, are the films I consider the best, because there's a difference between entertainment and cinematic achievement. However, the list throws a fork in that rationale, because it includes Trailer Park Boys The Movie. With that film amongst the ranks, how did they NOT choose the comedy that grossed more? Is TPB a better film?

Detractors aside, the list includes a number of great films and notable Canadian directors. There is Sarah Polley's feature directorial debut Away From Her, Don McKellar's long-time editor Reginald Harkema's latest feature, Monkey Warfare, and best Canadian documentary winner Jennifer Baichwal's Manufactured Landscapes. For a full list of films, plus information on the February screenings, you can visit the Top 10 website.
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