When Sherry Lansing left the movie business last year, she probably didn't expect to win an Academy Award. Or maybe she quit Paramount just to be more humanitarian in order to win an award. No, that just wouldn't make any sense. Anyway, the one-time Oscar-nominated producer of Fatal Attraction will indeed be honored by the Academy; she will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award on February 25.

Some people consider the Hersholt presentation a good time to head to the bathroom during the Oscars telecast (unfortunately for those people it isn't given out every year). Unlike the honorary award presentation, which should be just as enjoyable as ever this coming year, the Hersholt honor isn't always given to someone that most viewers recognize, are familiar with, or care about. I hate to say this, because the award goes to people who have done wonderful things for the world -- Lansing, for example, does a lot for cancer research among many other charitable things -- but ask your friends if they remember Roger Mayer or Howard W. Koch. Sure, sometimes the award goes to someone more famous like Paul Newman or Charlton Heston, but I guarantee that a majority of viewers of the Oscars won't have a clue who Lansing is (or was, since she's hardly a Hollywood player these days) when she graces their screen. Not that this should matter. I actually wish that there were enough humanitarians in Hollywood for the Academy to give the award out every year.