Well, it's been a long time since Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now he's back with Live Free or Die Hard -- the fourth (and final?) installment in the Die Hard franchise. The first official trailer for the film is set to play in theaters this weekend, but apparently Yahoo! accidentally leaked it online a day early. However, it was quickly pulled and only a handful of people got the chance to see it.

Oh, but we don't give up that easily. C'mon. Once you leak something, there's no going back, folks. Thus, Coming Soon was quick enough to grab the trailer and host it on their site -- go check it out right now (you need to scroll down and click on teaser). I must say, the film looks pretty good -- it appears as if they took every action-packed scene in all three previous Die Hard films, added a slew of special effects and mashed them together in a blender. Once again, McClane is fighting helicopters, driving backwards in his car, blowing up buildings and partnering with a sidekick who doesn't understand why the dude is so calm, yet so insane at the same time. I dig it. Vintage McClane in the modern-day world. But do the absurd amount of special effects take away from that old school Die Hard feeling? You be the judge; definitely let us know what you think. Live Free or Die Hard is set to be released on June 29.

UPDATE: Here's the YouTube link.