It's fitting that her first major film role was as a Princess, because Anne Hathaway's career since then has been somewhat of a fairytale in the making. Granted, it took a little while for her to break out of the "family film" cave she was hiding in for four years -- though, once she did, it was smooth sailing. While she missed out on any recognition for her involvement in The Devil Wears Prada (face it, her character wasn't exactly that spectacular), the success of the film helped propel her up to leading lady status. Now, she'll be playing Jane Austen in the upcoming Becoming Jane, as well as co-starring alongside Steve Carell as Agent 99 in the big-screen version of Get Smart.

However, there's still one genre left for her to explore -- the supernatural thriller. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hathaway is set to star in Passengers, to be directed by Rodrigo Garcia, produced/financed by Mandate Pictures and distributed domestically by Columbia Pictures. In the pic, Hathaway will play a grief counselor who is sent to assist six plane crash survivors, and then develops a "special connection" with one of them. Sounds sweet enough, right? Ah, but here comes the (supernatural?) element -- apparently, the survivors all begin to disappear one by one, forcing our cute counselor to begin investigating this bizarre occurrence herself. Written by Ronnie Christensen, the film is set to begin production early next year.

But can she handle a thriller? Not for nothing, but Hathaway is so cute and delicate -- the kind of girl you just wanna hug ... carefully -- and so I'm curious to see what she brings to a more dramatic, edgier, supernatural film. Although I still can't figure out where the supernatural part fits in (is a ghost killing everyone?), but I'm sure it will all make sense on screen. We hope.

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