Though he's still busy running around town as Captain Jack, fending off enemies and bringing Disney an absurd amount of money, Johnny Depp (and his production shingle, Infinitum Nihil) managed to spare enough time to partner up with Graham King's Initial Entertainment Group on three adaptations, all of which will be co-produced for Warner Bros. Pictures. Three books. Three stories. Three films. However, Infinitum Nihil (why does it take me ten minutes to type that name correctly?) stressed that Johnny Depp is not attached to star in any of the films ... but we'll go ahead and speculate that he'll pop up in at least one. Here's what we're looking at:

  • The first book is Joseph Gangemi's Inamorata, in which Peter Medak (Romeo is Bleeding) is in talks to direct. This one takes us to Philadelphia during the 1920s in which a Harvard grad attempts to discredit a beautiful psychic, but falls in love with her at the same time. Hmm, I bet she didn't see that one coming. Zing!
  • Next up is Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy's (say that ten times fast) Affected Provincial's Companion which, according to Variety, is a "compendium of essays, diagrams and poetry" on the value of being a refined gentleman is an unrefined world. Sounds strange, but it's supposed to be hysterical -- in the vein of McSweeney's stuff. I also love the title, though I expect Hollywood would change it to something like, How To Be a BetterMan in 10 Days.
  • Finally, we have James Meek's The People's Act of Love which -- get this -- is set in 1919 Siberia. Random. Anyway, story revolves around an escapee from a Russian prison camp who, while on the run, stumbles upon a Christian sect. And that's when things really get crazy. We think. And hope.

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