I know, I know, I feel your pain, believe me. I can hardly handle waiting the long days until the latest cinematic incarnation of that friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is released to a clamoring world, either. Unfortunately, those are the breaks and we just have to be patient and wait until Spider-Man 3 comes to theaters this summer.

Until then, we've at least had a few glimpses into what the new film would be like. Some pics. A trailer and some video. And now, something that's a little late for Halloween but still, just as exciting -- a video featuring head specialty costumer for Spider-Man 3Shownee Smith (not to be confused with Saw actress Shawnee Smith). In the video, courtesy of our friends at Comics2Film, Mr. Smith and his pals demonstrate the inner workings and the delicate procedure that goes into making the very cool Spidey suit.

One thing friends, if you do try this at home, please do so responsibly. Nobody needs to get hurt making a costume. If you're worried about the consequences or feel you might get injured, do yourself a favor -- just go buy a Spider-Man costume at Wal-Mart like the rest of the kids and leave the latex molding to the pros. Although, I am tempted to try this -- especially if Vivian Chow will come over and sew it for me. She's kinda cute. Enjoy the video.
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