Sad but true, my friends, the tales of Rachel McAdams playing Pepper Potts are apparently nothing but dirty lies. While the actress seemed like a very good choice for the part, and fanboys across the world seemed to roundly approve, Rachel McAdams will not be joining the cast of Iron Man. You can read the debunking of these rumors over at Rachel Online (such a clever name for a fansite, isn't it?), straight from the mouth of her publicist, who flatly denies any involvement with the film. The website advises we keep our fingers crossed for The Dark Knight, however; so if you are hoping to see McAdams in a super hero flick you might still have a chance.

While this news is very depressing on the surface, we can always look for the silver lining -- this means the rumor mill can start back up again! We could be looking at months and months of weird rumors and incorrect reports attaching every starlet in Hollywood to the project. Before you know it, there will be 10 actresses playing the part! Fun, right? Right? Yeah, I know. But at least all you have to do is read about it. I've got to keep writing this stuff.
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