If you've been around a while, Rick James is the Super Freak to you, or maybe you even remember him during his AWOL days in Toronto as Ricky Matthews. If you're younger, you probably remember the immortal words spoken by Dave Chappelle, "I'm Rick James, bitch!" (A phrase James apparently used during that period -- and you thought Chappelle's Show was all fiction!) In February, Martha Fischer shared an article on Terrance Howard that said he was in talks to star as Mr. James. While I don't know if this is the same movie, there is definitely a super-freaky film in the works.

Variety has reported that Sheldon Turner, writer of The Longest Yard and Magneto, the X-Men spin-off, will pen the script, which will be produced by Jennifer Klein. The pair acquired the rights to an unpublished manuscript that James wrote about his life, before he passed away in 2004, that they plan to publish when the film comes out. They've also secured the rights to his music -- really, what would the film be without that very kinky girl? According to Turner, it will not be a "typical rags-to-riches-to-drugs music biopic," and instead will follow James' partying and feuding. In that case, this might just be the most fun biopic ever. When was the last time we had a film based on a musician that wasn't fuelled by drama?
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