The average person knows the first Star Wars movie started out on some desert somewhere. A casual fan could probably tell you the desert was a planet called Tatooine, home to Luke Skywalker and his moisture farming aunt and uncle. More dedicated fans would be quick to mention the actual, physical location of Tatooine was in Tunisia. And still is in Tunisia, as a matter of fact. But how many among us can claim to have been there, to have slept in the house of Aunt Beru and Uncle Ben Owen? Aleksandra Moorast, who is admittedly only a casual fan at best, has had the privilege, and found it to be a singularly remarkable experience. Her account was written up in The Express News, and is certainly worth the read to hear a first-hand experience trip to Tatooine.

The set remains largely intact. The strength of the constructions is aided by a group of people resembling squatters, who have taken up residence in the abodes and act as a sort of honor guard, keeping the place tidy and offering tea to the visitors. Naturally, they also collect a handful of coins from any generous visitors who come along. Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen's place has been turned back into a hotel, and the cantina continues to exist as a watering hole for the geeks of the world. If you ever manage to visit, you can add your own signature or notes to the collection of hero fanboys who have left their thoughts over the years.

[via Hollywood Wiretap]

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