Over a year ago we shared word of a psychological thriller that would star Rosario Dawson. At the time, the plot was simply "a college coed who turns into a vengeful seductress after a shocking act of violence." Now, the CEO of the film's City Lights distributor, Danny Fisher, brings some clarity to Descent as it gears up for a spring release. The film follows Maya, as played by Rosario Dawson, who suffers through a savage date rape. (While Dawson will be the biggest name in the cast, you might be surprised with the choice for Maya's rapist -- Chad Faust, who played the sweet, gay Christian boyfriend of Jena Malone in Saved!) As Maya slowly recovers, she decides to take revenge on the man who attacked her. Sound somewhat familiar?

Unlike Hard Candy, Descent is obviously a first-person account, one which Fisher describes as "equally shocking, controversial and graphic." Surprisingly, the distribution company is prepared to keep it as such, even if it means releasing the movie either unrated or with an NC-17 rating. Where initial news made the film sound like a revenge thriller, Fisher has asserted that it is not. City Lights' marketing plans will instead focus on those who have had similar harrowing experiences through an internet campaign that reaches out to support groups as well as women's rape organizations. Considering the dedication the backing companies have to Descent, this might just take the heat off of Dakota Fanning, since the film is looking to be much more graphic than Hounddog. Then again, Dawson isn't twelve.

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