Oceans 13 poster

Caper-film junkies, George Clooney fans and Brad Pitt worshippers, this is your lucky day. We have your absolute first look, anywhere on the planet, at the new poster for 'Ocean's 13' (click on the image to the left for a larger version). And in case you're counting, there are only 12 people on the poster: the original crew of 'Ocean's 11' and their perennial nemesis Andy Garcia.

'Ocean's 13' finds Danny (Clooney), Rusty (Pitt) and the rest of the boys planning their most ambitious heist to date AND rolling sans ladies (Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones, you will be missed) -- but they've also got a new pal to play with: an unknown actor you've probably never heard of named Al Pacino. And if that doesn't pique your interest, you'll be happy to learn that the earnest Linus (Matt Damon) may get a little loving this time around ... from an attractive and alluring older woman played by Ellen Barkin. Wow, our little boy Linus is all growed up.

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