I shed a tear after the Golden Globe nominations were announced. I was thoroughly disappointed that Djmon Hounsou did not receive any acknowledgments for his performance in Blood Diamond. I became a devoted fan of Hounsou after watching his unbelievable portrayal of a recluse neighbor dying of AIDS in the 2002 indie hit In America. Luckily, Varietyreminded me that just because he wasn't nominated for a Golden Globe, doesn't mean he won't get nominated for an Oscar.

I forget sometimes that the Golden Globes aren't always a prediction of who or what will appear on the ever-so-important Academy Awards nomination list. I remember thoroughly Jim Carrey's reaction in 1999 -- after winning the Golden Globe for best actor in The Truman Show; as well as Man on the Moon in 2000 -- it was like he never existed once the Oscars rolled around. The same holds true vice versa. Many who are completely overlooked during the Golden Globes are often times the dark horses that win the race during the Oscars.

Specific rules contribute to why the Golden Globes and Oscars tend to be so different. Variety pointed out that the Academy prohibits an actor from competing against oneself in the same category; therefore, Leonardo DiCaprio would have to choose just one film to be a contender for best actor.

This also means that foreign films will be left only to those made by foreign artists. Mel Gibson'sApocalypto and Clint Eastwood'sLetters from Iwo Jima will leave spaces open for (let's keep Pedro Almodovar'sVolver all nice and cozy where it is in the best foreign film category) some other nice fellows who are deserving of the coveted final two slots. Personally, I'd love to see Catherine O'Hara get a nomination for her role in For Your Consideration -- maybe even a win. I think it would be a great honor -- not to mention a pivotal one -- for such a funny female to take home that little golden statue. Any Globe rejects who you'd like to see nominated for an Oscar?