Those with a good memory, or a penchant for Milla Jovovich, might remember Martha Fischer's initial word on Welcome to America in 2005. At the time, she was set to have a lead role in the film. However, since that time, the film has moved beyond its Jovo-origins and is now headed for release. Some things have stayed the same, and some things have had a little twist.

The film, now named Trade, seems to be centered more on the Mexican brother and sister, than on Kevin Kline's character, Ray. Briefly, after Jorge's 13-year-old sister is kidnapped by sex traffickers, he tries to find the kidnappers and retrieve his sister. Along the way, he meets Ray, who suffered a similar loss. Together, they investigate the sex trade between the US and Mexico, bringing the long-standing international problem right to US soil as the pair follow leads that bring them through an internet slave auction and then a "stash house" in New Jersey.

The film is looking to be the cogent answer to those disappointed with Teresa Villaverde's treatment of the sex trade in Transe. While she adeptly showed the horrors committed on women by focusing on one in the thick of it, the film seemed too detached, which made the movie hard to swallow and resulted in a number of people walking out during its screening at TIFF. However, Marco Kreuzpaintner's treatment seems to be a bit of both sides -- the disturbing inside as the young girl is protected by a Polish girl who was also kidnapped (probably who Jovovich was supposed to be?) and the outside struggle to break in and save her. CHUD has a more in-depth description of the film, along with its posters, which are indeed beautiful and heartbreaking.

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