Your friendly neighborhood geek beat writer would just like to take a moment aside from all the Batman and Wonder Woman talk we've been doing lately to remind you that yes, DC does have other major comic book titles. And no, I'm not talking about Superman here, either. The DC stable, while probably not quite as large as Marvel's when it comes to movie worthy films with instantly recognizable characters, is still a big stable. And at least a few of them are on tap, such as The Flash, attached to noted director David Goyer. Goyer, who is quickly becoming a go-to guy for both Marvel and DC, has The Flash currently slated for some undetermined date in the future.

So who will be the title character (probably Wally West)? Believe it or not, Ryan Reynold's name is still being bandied about for the famous speedster. This makes a fair amount of sense, at least from a purely physical perspective; Reynolds has more or less the correct look for a Wally West type. So will he do it? Reynolds himself still has no clue, according to SuperheroHype, who just had the opportunity to ask him about it. He got a little fan-geeked out about it, and finally admitted: "It's just such a huge undertaking. I'd love to wear a red unitard sometime, but I can do that on my own." Reynolds as Wally West, fans? If not, who do you want in the famous red suit?
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