Biopics are delicious filmmaker fodder. Why go to the trouble of concocting a story when reality can often out-weird, or out-drama fiction? The sea of history is a bio-pic maker's oyster, and moviegoers always seem to be ready for another helping. But for every long-dead icon that makes his or her way to the screen, there are still-living names who must watch themselves and a version of their life on film. It's one accomplishment to get the approval of a notable name, it's a whole other thing entirely to get a royal seal of approval.

Nevertheless, while the details are mired in fact and fiction, it seems as though Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of Stephen Frears' treatment of her life. While no specific word on the film has been released from the royal icon, Helen Mirren, Frears, screenwriter Peter Morgan and the film's producer, Andy Harries, have received "a discreeet invitation" to have lunch at Buckingham Palace in the New Year. Word isn't clear whether this is a lunch WITH the Queen, or just some tasty treats in the Palace. I guess that giving an un-said seal of approval is much different than face-to-face recorded approval. However, according to some buzz at the Daily Mail, the Queen has claimed the film is her favorite of the year. We'll have to wait until the lunch happens to see if Queen's filmmakers get approving validation straight from the source, or if their contact with the Queen will be restricted to word from her private secretary, Sir Robin Janvrin.

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