Hey, do you remember that film 20 Dates? This guy Myles Berkowitz made the film in an attempt to save (or jump start) his film career, as well as his love life. Basically, it's shot as a documentary though parts of it were staged, yet it isn't a full-blown mockumentary. If you've seen it, that description should make sense. Anyway, he sets up 20 dates for himself and decides to film said dates in the hopes that one of these women would turn out to be his future wife. However, half way through he actually does fall in love with a girl but commits himself to stay the course and finish the dates ... even if his new girlfriend isn't keen on the idea.

It was a cute gimmick and probably inspired films like My Date with Drew, but never really caught on. Needless to say, there's a reason why you haven't heard from the guy since. Well now, Universal Pictures has snatched up Jennifer Cox's memoir Around the World in 80 Dates, tapping Andy Tennant to direct. Reese Witherspoon's Type A Films will produce along with Mike De Luca Prods., although Witherspoon herself is not (yet) attached to star. Tennant and Witherspoon last worked together on Sweet Home Alabama. In the book, Cox wanted to find her soulmate and was tired of the local internet-dating scene. And so she sent her profile all over the world and subsequently set up 80 dates with men from 16 countries.

Yeah, so the gal traveled the world to go on a bunch of dates. Heck, the real story here should be where she found the money and the time to take on this sort of monumental task. "Oh, I'm in sort of a long distance relationship -- my boyfriend is from Tunisia. He was date number 64." Man, what some people will do for love ...

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