From time to time, my friends and I get into the old "why can't the world create a good video game movie?" discussion. This invariably leads to a general reminiscing of all the video game movies which exist, with a fair amount of chuckling and cringing. Eventually, someone will say "well, Resident Evilwasn't awful." We all nod and agree until someone else points out "yeah, but it wasn't good, either." It may not be particularly bad or good, but it certainly has been persistent, working on knocking out a full trilogy worth of films. There were even early reports of a fourth film underway pseudo-simultaneously with the third film, shooting prior to the cinematic release of the third.

Turns out, though, the team is tired of Resident Evil (and really, who can blame them?), and is in fact calling it quits with a trilogy. We're now being told Extinction will be the final film -- who would have guessed, with a name like Extinction? Shame, that. If the video game series is any judge, the fourth would have been hands down the best in the line.
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