If you're a horror fan who digs deep into Netflix's new release rack, then you've probably seen Ti West'sThe Roost by now. It's an admirably weird little throwback to the Saturday afternoon monster matinees that features killer bats and tongue-in-cheek goofiness. So if you dug that flick and wanted to know when Mr. West's next offering might hit the scene ... well here it is: Trigger Man.

Apparently based on actual events, Trigger Man seems to be about a group of hunters who travel deep into the forest, only to somehow become the prey! Scary! The official site offers a few interesting clues, plus the IMDb informs us that longtime indie guy Larry Fessenden will be making an appearance, so count me among those who'll be interested when Trigger Man hits DVD some time next year.

[Thanks to BD.com for the tip!]
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