Probably one of the reasons that people admire a director like John Sayles so much is that he really is an independent director. Sayles has sometimes been referred to as one of the original "DIY Filmmakers" and always managed to make films his way and with his own distinctive style.

Production has just wrapped on Sayles latest film Honeydripper. The announcement came from the film's producer on the official production blog last Friday; Maggie Renzi posted that the film had just wrapped the 100-person crew in Alabama. Sayles must have run a tight ship, as the film only began shooting last September ... and the director has been aiming for a 2007 release. The film stars Danny Glover as the owner of a floundering "Juke Joint" in rural Alabama with a serious clientele shortage. Glover's character hires a new guitar player in the hopes of drumming up business. (I wonder if that counts as a mixed metaphor?) The film also stars real-life musicians Keb' Mo and R&B singer Ruth Gordon Brown.

Renzi is currently working with emerging pictures to get distribution for the film when she posted "And I'm damned if after all this work we're going to see another movie sacrificed to the Petty God of Bad Distribution". So if you are a fan of Sayles, stay tuned as Honeydripper fights it's way to a screen near you.

[via The Hollywood Reporter: Risky Biz Blog]
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