Wow, its getting sorta ugly over at Rotten Tomatoes these days -- at least when people are talking about the upcoming fantasy film Eragon. Some of the comments are, shall we say, less than kind about the new film. And a few are downright nasty. Personally, I'm not that impressed with what I've seen of the film so far -- any comparisons and proclamations that it's this years The Lord of the Rings notwithstanding.

Still, I really hope it turns out to be good because as a fan of the genre, we need all the good fantasy and sci-fi movies we can get. If they're good and successful, people will want to make more of them -- and that to me is a good thing. Unfortunately, for every Lord of the Rings, we get a lot more films that just aren't very good. And to my dismay, judging from the quotes at Rotten Tomatoes, it doesn't look like Eragon is going to be the one movie to rule them all this year.

There are so many choice quotes at the site its hard to pick one or two that really nails the consensus about the film. But let's try anyway, shall we? "For those who love the fantasy genre known as sword and sorcery -- and I count myself in their number -- sitting through the movie version of Eragon will suck the will to live right out of you," says Chauncey Mabe of the South Florida Sentinal. Nice. Or, my personal favorite from Arthur Salm of the San Diego Union Tribune: "Been to that galaxy, done that ring." Hmm, that doesn't sound too promising, does it? Well, there's always The Hobbit -- that is, if it ever actually happens.