I think my Cinematical colleague Mark Beall is spot-on when he writes that the first Resident Evil movie was pretty ok. Even if its not perfect (or even really good) in the world of video game-to-movie adaptations, it still ranks pretty high up on the list. Much higher than, say, Doom. Man, what happened there? Plus, Resident Evil has one very important thing going for it -- the exquisite Milla Jovovich.

So, imagine my happiness knowing a third movie, cleverly titled Resident Evil: Extinction, is being made and will not only feature Jovovich, but also the equally hot Ali Larter as well. At the moment, we don't have many visuals that give a clue to the look of the film -- but one or two pics have surfaced. And now, there's a third one for your enjoyment -- all collected by the folks at IGN.

The first two feature Jovovich striking some provocative and deadly poses as if to say "mess with me and die." The third features the lovely Larter decked out as a kick-ass soldier striding purposefully toward camera. Of course, its almost impossible to judge a movie simply from a few pictures. However, I like the look of the costumes, weapons and the rest of what I can see. Plus, Jovovich and Larter look great so that gives me hope. Even if the movie does suck, at least we'll have something nice to look at for ninety minutes.

Resident Evil: Extinction is due to hit theaters in September of 2007.
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