With the shopping rush and rampant buy, buy, buy commercials, it's easy to get bogged down by the material aspects of Christmas and forget about the fun. However, we shouldn't forget the one tradition that allows you to give love and steal a kiss from someone special -- the mistletoe. The parasitic plant morphed from a pagan symbol in pre-Christian Europe that signified life and fertility, to a Christian symbol inextricably linked to Christmas and kisses. (It's funny how years can change the scope of things.)

In honor of the tradition, and as an opportunity to distract oneself from the smothering kisses of Great Aunt Bea, I thought I would put together a list of mistletoe escapes. What follows are three men and three women who provide an alternative choice to mistletoe fantasies -- free from the mainstream, full-lipped Angelinas and muscle-bound Brads of the world. Better yet, the actors and actresses are teamed with a good film in which they are particularly smoochable. Some of this list might make you nod in agreement, and some might make you think I'm crazy (even though I already took out the likes of eyebrow-raisers such as Christopher Walken). At the very least, it will provide a list of recent film fodder for when things wind down or you're hiding away from family.

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