When screenwriter Steve Oedekerk and comedian Jim Carrey get together, very profitable things happen. True that they only worked on two movies together (Ace Ventura 2 and Bruce Almighty), but they were pretty solid moneymakers. So I suppose it's pretty good news that Paramount has hired Oedekerk to give a facelift to the screenplay for Ripley's Believe It or Not, which was originally penned by the writing team of Alexander & Karaszewski.

Obviously this bodes fairly well for the project as a whole, because when Paramount back-burnered the thing a few months back, nobody really knew if the project would wither away or come storming back. With Variety reporting an intended late-2008 production date, and the pretty-much-guaranteed involvement of director Tim Burton and leading man Jim Carrey, it looks like Ripley will live once Sweeney Todd gets wrapped.

Gotta love that nutty Tim Burton stuff. (That's not sarcasm; aside from his misguided Apes remake, Burton's a pretty admirable filmmaker, and a consistently good one at that.) And anything that keeps Oedekerk distracted from his intended Kung Pow: Enter the Fistsequel, well, that makes me very happy indeed.
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