Having penned films adaptations like Raging Bull and Mosquito Coast, it wouldn't be a jump to assume that writer and director Paul Schrader would have his hand in the adaptation of Israeli writer Yoram Kaniuk's Adam Ressurected. However, he hasn't picked up the pen this time around. Instead, he is settling into the director's chair to head the adaptation, which was written by new screenwriter Noah Stollman. His great track record bodes well for this interesting story, and the cast is making it all the better.

Adam Ressurected centers on Adam Stein, a man who was once a leading clown in Europe. During World War II, Adam is captured and taken to a death camp, where he survives by taking on the job of entertaining victims as they are sent to the ovens. After the war, he travels to Israel and enters an asylum for Holocaust survivors. Adam will be played by Jeff Goldblum, which will be a nice change of pace for the actor who has had recent delightfully quirky roles, but none very challenging. Now, Variety reports that Willem Dafoe has signed on as Goldblum's co-star. His role has not been released yet, but it would be interesting if he takes on the role of Adam's asylum friend -- a man who thinks he is a dog.

While no further word on the cast has been released, there is a big discussion amongst Helen Slater fans on imdb. You might remember her as Supergirl, the legendary Billie Jean, or more recently in a number of stints on television. Maybe the filmmakers will visit the message board and make some fans' dreams come true before the movie begins filming next Spring.

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