In the grand pantheon of Buddy Cop Comedies, we've had some pretty great pairings: Eddie Murphy & Nick Nolte, Mel Gibson & Danny Glover, heck I'll even give you Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker because I know a lot of folks really dig those stunningly generic Rush Hour flicks. But when things go pear-shaped in this particular sub-genre ... goofy-ass things can happen. (Anyone out there see the one with Samuel L. Jackson & Eugene Levy? Holy sheesh.)

Hot on the heels of such non-brilliant pairings as Queen Latifah & Jimmy Fallon, Eddie Murphy & Robert De Niro and Owen Wilson & {anyone} comes ... ready for it? Cedric the Entertainer and Lucy Liu. Yeah. She's a super-spy and he's a janitor ... posing as a super-spy, I think. Frankly I shouldn't have to put this much mental effort into a movie directed by the man who gave us Encino Man, Flubber, Blue Streak and (yes, that's right) The Man.

One small and potentially silver lining is that Code Name: The Cleaner was co-written by George Gallo, who (long ago) penned the underrated Wise Guys and the brilliantly cool Midnight Run. Then again, he also wrote Double Take, See Spot Run and The Whole Ten Yards, so perhaps he's already used up his Get Out of Jail Free cards. Ah, and Nicolette Sheridan is also in CN:TC, which should definitely bring in the movie fans who love Johnson Family Vacation, Charlie's Angels and Desperate Housewives in equal measure.

Anyway, Code Name: The Cleaner opens on January 5. Check out the theatrical trailer and a clip from the flick over at Yahoo! Movies. (And then feel free to completely forget about the movie until it shows up on cable one boring Tuesday night.)