Okay, honestly, there isn't a whole lot of new information here, but I was just so darn pleased to hear somebody talking about The Punisher 2 flick again. Yeah, I know the first movie didn't play so well, but I absolutely love the character, and actually enjoyed the flick, so I'm excited to see what Tom Jane will do with a second chance at the franchise, especially now that the team has learned what did and didn't work out the first time around. Lots of room to improve, right? Good old Tom Jane recently sat down with BigFanBoy's livecast (apparently, the guy is making the rounds), and chatted with them about the direction of the new flick.

Jane (odd to refer to him by his last name only, since it sounds like I'm talking about a girl) told BFB that action is finally happening again on the project, and a new script writer has been brought on board to offer a treatment. This is good in the sense of "hey, at least something is finally happening," but it is always a dangerous sign when scriptwriters keep replacing one another. You're teetering on the edge of development hell eventually, especially when you are the sequel to a flick which was not amazingly popular. Jane also echoed the recent sentiments of others involved with the project, saying he wanted to move away from the goofy humor of the first film: "... just straight noir, drama, with the inherent blood and guts in it." So, do you suppose a second movie holds great promise, or are you already writing off another sequel attempt from Hollywood -- land of no new ideas?
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