If my iPod were voting for 'Best Original Song,' Chris Cornell would have a gold statue coming his way. So would David Arnold. I also think that isn't just my love of power chords and horn sections talking. Part of why "You Know My Name" works as a great movie song is that it doesn't just evoke the feel of Casino Royale -- it speaks to the narrative, too. (I could quote appropriate lyrics, but that'd feel a little tedious – I mean, just listen to the song somewhere; it's that good.) Look at recent Best Song winners -- from Celine Dion to the Three-Six Mafia, they speak to their films. (And the best piece of original movie songwriting in the past 10 years, Eminem's "Lose Yourself," doesn't just contain a rough capsule of 8 Mile's story; it refutes 8 Mile, too. "This ain't no movie/there's no Mekhi Phifer/This is my life!" It's the Hollywood and street version of the same saga, all in four minutes.) But, of course, my iPod doesn't vote for Best Original Song, so wait for the gong to go to something from Flicka or such like. (Then again, if Eminem can win an Oscar, I feel like anyone can. ...)

So, what movie music are you listening to?


P.S. Tomorrow, a few notes about Apocalypto's box office. ...