Award ceremonies are in love with Pedro Almodóvar this year. Almodóvar's Volver has snagged two Golden Globe nominations, two wins out of three nominations at Cannes Film Festival, and five wins out of seven nominations at the European Film Awards. Now Almodóvar has been honored with fourteen nominations for Volver at his homeland's version of the Academy Awards, the Goyas.

The incredible amount of nominations comes as no surprise. Volver -- about a deceased mother coming back to her homeland to resolve issues that she was unable to rectify during her life -- is yet another masterpiece by Almodóvar. The man really has a way with portraying humanity that I, as an audience member, eat up every time.

The competition at the Goyas is a stiff one. Almodóvar definitely isn't a shoe in for any particular win. One Spanish filmmaker -- Agustíne Díaz Yanes -- has received one more nomination than Almodóvar at the Goyas for his film Alatriste. This film is particularly important in Spain due to the production's extravagance. Pic is a portrayal of a former soldier who became a mercenary during Spain's 17th century imperial wars. Sounds interesting ... but I'm still dreaming for some wins for Almodóvar!

It certainly has been a great year for Almodóvar and the people involved in his film -- Penelope Cruz in particular. Her work in her native films is always exceptional and I'm glad people are finally taking notice. We'll find out in January how Almodóvar fares -- but win or lose, fourteen nominations is still a great honor to me.