To be an independent film director you have to be an independent film producer. It's essential. Often times the only way a film is made is because the director is not only creating the film but is also doing the legwork to establish funding for their projects. Filmmakers such as Jason Reitman, Neil Burger and even Emilio Estevez are adding producer credits to their IMDB profiles.

In an inspiring article from Hollywood Reporter, these directors were profiled to talk about their involvement in their most recent films. Reitman was fully responsible for getting this year's independent phenomena Thank You For Smoking funded. What he went through wasn't easy and certainly didn't produce immediate results. Perhaps the number one quality these director/producers must obtain is patience. It took him a total of seven years to get the film made. Now the film is nominated for two Golden Globes and two Independent Spirit Awards. Too bad we couldn't go into the future to predict its success; it would have shaved a good six years off of pre production. As a result, Reitman's career is not only where he wants it to be, but he is also an inspiration for other like-minded directors.
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