The passing of Richard Pryor was the loss of one of the greatest comedians in history. Pryor made a huge impact on the comedy business with a blend of justified rage and heartfelt humor. Pryor's first attempt at a biopic, Jo-Jo Dancer Your Life is Calling might have raked his personal life over the coals, but a new biopic is taking a different approach, albeit at the advice of legal counsel.

Back in 2005, Mike Epps was signed to portray the comedian in a film about Pryor's life. Unfortunately, in a recent interview with VH1, Epps admitted that the production might be delayed. In the interview, Epps says that a dispute between Pryor's ex-wives over the comedian's assets had caused pre-production to shut down. The film has signed Kasi Lemmons (Eve's Bayou) to direct and the new script is being written to include information from the memoirs of Pryor's daughter Rain. Epps explained the changes by saying the new film "is coming from the perspective and eyes of the kids, Rain and Elizabeth, and so forth. So I think people are gonna get a whole other view of Richard Pryor through this story."

Luckily, an agreement has been made which should allow for the film to begin shooting later this year. So barring any more family squabbling, pic should be set for release sometime in 2007.
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