1984 was more than just the fated year that held Orwell's Big Brother musings. It was also a year of action icons -- with the launch of both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Transformers. Now, over twenty years later, they're making their way back to the big screen. We've already seen the swinging shells of those turtles, and in only a few days, we'll be able to see the first trailer for the big, fighting machines.

Like any re-creation of a beloved piece of geekdom, the upcoming Transformers has inspired its fair share of skepticism and worry. While not a fan of the morphable metal myself, I've spent the last few months hearing constant updates from some geekboy friends of mine. I, for one, still can't get over the fact that the voice of Optimus Prime back in the day, Peter Cullen, had to audition for the role that was his from the start. I'm not sure if news like this is a good indication of dedication to quality, or if it's a hint of badness to come.

Whatever the case, we should have a better idea soon, as JoBlo has reported that Yahoo! will air the first trailer/teaser online this Wednesday. According to Bay, the trailer is awesome, not only in his mind, but also in the minds of a roomful of adult Transformers fans who applauded after viewing it. According to the director, there are no "epic shots," but the trailer will be out to make a statement -- that it isn't about toys, and it is "hard-edged." Does this mean that they're taking the Miami Vice route, or will they merge the classic fanboy bits with some adult-flavoured action?

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