All during the year, there are moments -- little things in movies that may be long gone, or may not even have opened yet. And they're all brief -- but, in their way, they've stuck with me. And a few seconds can tell you a lot about a film -- and please bear in mind that by and large, these are all movies worth seeing, and some of them are in my Top Ten. Here are seven great movie moments from 2006 that have stuck with me:

1) Two Syllables from Willem Dafoe, Inside Man

Spike Lee's rock-solid heist thriller didn't work just because of the intricate plotting of the robbery, or the high-wattage cast or even the best sense of New York while a crime is on we've gotten since The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. It also rocked the block thanks to a wicked sense of humor, and a hint of mockery under the hard-boiled talk. Case in point? The way Willem Dafoe turns a two-syllable question -- "Five bucks?" -- into the punchline of the year.

2) Kanye West and the CSU Marching Band, Dave Chappelle's Block Party

First of all, how cool is it that Dave Chappelle invites a randomly-selected marching band to play his block party? And then, to catch a shot -- a perfect, loose shot -- of Kanye West watching, smiling, as the Central State University of Ohio marching band are jamming the hell out of his sterling composition "Jesus Walks"? In a world where we're too often barraged with idiotic coverage of no-talent 'celebrities,' it was a nice chance to see a popular artist get a glimpse of just how popular they are.