Gentlemen, start your engines ... the Bandito Brothers have started theirs. The production company has obtained the story rights to the tragic life of drag racer Mickey Thompson. Thompson was made famous for breaking drag racing speed records and for his advances in vehicle technology. He became famous to a wider audience after his horrible death alongside his wife -- the two were murdered execution style by two unidentified hooded gunmen -- launching an investigation that would last 18 years. Thompson and his wife's death became a recurring story for many years on America's Most Wanted and 48 Hours.

Mike McCoy -- stunt man and producer -- has commissioned writer David Baxter to create the screenplay already titled Challenger. The Bandito Brothers already have a documentary in the works as we speak called Gearhead: The Legend of Mickey Thompson -- I think they have a heart felt interest in the man and their interest is contagious. I've only been aware of him for about an hour now and cannot stop searching for more information on him.

After reading (let's say, everything Google brings up) about Mickey Thompson I believe both the upcoming documentary and the film will sit well with audiences if done well. Thompson's life was an interesting adventure with a brutal end -- perfect for any Hollywood script. It's just unfortunate the entire thing isn't one fantastic piece of fiction.
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