According to Sci Fi Wire, Guillermo del Toro's next project after the completion of Hellboy 2 next year may be an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. The story deals with an Antarctic expedition from Miskatonic University (a school that appears in much of Lovecraft's work) that discovers remains of utterly alien creatures that pre-date humanity's time on earth. When members of the expedition are slaughtered, the survivors deduce that it is the work of "shoggoths," shape-shifting servants of the creatures they have discovered. Del Toro has been working on the adaptation of the 1931 novella since 2003.

"The whole idea of Lovecraft's position towards the universe, he's very much like an Albert Camus position," says del Toro, referring to the French novelist and philosopher. "He's an existentialist. He says the cosmos is indifferent to man. At the very best is indifferent. And [it] just sees us as fleas, or ... are hostile to us."

I find the idea of del Toro doing a Lovecraft film quite exciting, and it's not like it's a huge leap for him. Remember those enormous tentacled creatures descending from space to destroy humanity in Hellboy? Pure Lovecraft. Lovecraft's fiction does not adapt easily to film, though many have tried, most notably Stuart Gordon who directed Re-animator, From Beyond and Dagon. The latter captured Lovecraft's style better than most, but was hampered by an inadequate lead actor. The other two, while highly entertaining, are very free adaptations of the source material.

The writer/director says he is unsure whether his next project will be At the Mountains of Madness, or Montecristo -- an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas's novel that moves the action from France in the 1830s to Mexico in the 1870s. His adaptation of Tarzan, which Christopher Campbell discussed here just a few days ago, would come some time later. Del Toro's latest film, Pan's Labyrinth goes into limited release on December 29, with a wider release to come in January.
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