We've already told you how Lindsay Lohan is set to star in the indie pic (because she's all about taking on complicated roles that fit her complicated split personality) I Know Who Killed Me Last Summer at Paris Hilton's House ... wait, sorry ... it's just simply called I Know Who Killed Me. Well, Julia Ormond has signed on to play Lohan's mom in the pic, which will be directed by Chris Siverston and begin shooting this month in Los Angeles and New York.

It's sort of an odd story, one that I'm still trying to wrap my head around. Apparently, Ormond will play the mother of a woman (Lohan) who is kidnapped. Seems pretty basic. However, when the missing girl is found, she claims to be her twin sister and insists her other half is still in trouble. It sounds like a fantastic role for an actress, one that will enable her to play two different people who may or may not be one in the same. I dig it ... but can Lohan pull it off? Look, I'm a nice guy who's had plenty of nasty things to say about Lohan and her off-screen antics. With that said, it appears she's attempting to turn things around, taking on gutsy roles, with her main priority being to prove she belongs where she is. Personally, I'm willing to judge her on screen, not off, and hope for her sake that she turns things around and really gives these roles her all. If not, well ... we're not losing much. Good luck Lindsay!

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