In the world of Marvel comics turned into movies (limited to the recent ventures, please), where would you rank the Fantastic Four flick? Probably somewhere above Elektraand Daredevil, but solidly below blockbuster projects like the X-Men and Spider-Man films, right? Although it may not have been quite the moneymaker the latter two franchises have been, the Four brought in a fair amount of box office cash, which of course means it earned the rights to at least one more movie ... and maybe more?

Regular readers know I'm a closet fan of the first one. As a lifetime Fantastic Four reader, I was largely disappointed by the effort -- it has the potential to be oh so much more -- but still, The Thing was on the big screen smashing things, and the Human Torch was outflying a heat-seeking missile, so parts of my very fanboy nature was screaming in delight. I keep the torch burning (pun totally intended) for the second flick, hoping those involved will learn from what didn't work (wow, I just wrote this same sentence about the Punisher sequel) and bring me a movie more deserving of the franchise, and now Kerry Washington tells us there may be even more Four in my future. Sure, we could all presume this by doing our very own simple deductive work, but hearing it from somebody involved with the film is just extra fun.

On a more interesting and directly related note, Washington also discussed just a bit of the Rise of the Silver Surfer plot with the folks over at SuperheroHype. Apparently, The good Alicia Masters will not, at least in this installment, have any particular romantic feelings for the Silver Surfer. "Yeah, that's not so much in this film," is her direct quote when asked about a potential love triangle. But hey, we apparently have more movies in our future, so who knows, right?
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