Good ol' Nancy Drew is back. Yep, everyone's favorite tweenie crime-solver is returning to the silver screen for the first time since ... 1939? Can that be right? According to the IMDb it is, but if you definitely have strong memories of seeing the young detective in other movies, you're probably just thinking of an old TV series.

Updated and modernized for an all-new generation of kids girls, Nancy Drew hits screens anew courtesy of first-time screenwriter Tiffany Paulsen (who, once upon a time, was skewered with a spear by Jason Voorhees), the director of The Craft and Warner Bros. Pictures. Cast as the legendarily brilliant lass is Ms. Emma Roberts, whom you might remember from Aquamarine -- and if you found yourself sitting in a movie theater that was playing Aquamarine, then I'm betting you're precisely the target audience for this new Drew to-do.

The plot sees Ms. Drew transplanting herself into the alien landscape of California, where she initially has some trouble fitting in ... but when a local mansion's murky mysteries prove too much for Nancy to resist, well, you know the drill: The chick solves crimes! (Yes, just like Veronica Mars, girls.) Cast members of legal drinking age include Rachael Leigh Cook, Tate Donovan and Laura Harring.

Anyway, a Nancy drew flick is obviously not geared for mid-30 male-types, but I think this trailer looks pretty darn solid. No over-the-top gross-out gags or stupid slapstick stuff. Heck, I think the flick (which doesn't open until June 15!) actually looks kinda cute. Ooh, and maybe if Nancy Drew is a hit, someone will make a new Hardy Boys adventure! Or hell, maybe (finally) Encyclopedia Brown!
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