And you thought Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah made an odd on-screen pair, well how about Fallon and Sharon Stone? After ditching Saturday Night Live in order to star in one miserable comedy after another, Fallon has made the decision to go indie -- either that, or these are the only gigs he can get. The dude has now signed on to star alongside Sharon Stone (I refuse to rip into Stone because I actually think she's a good actress who, at times, chooses bad roles in bad films) in Eliot Rockett.

The indie drama, in which Patrick Sisam will be making his directorial debut, follows a commitment phobe (Fallon) who returns home after his estranged father suffers a stroke. Stone will play the man's hot dysfunctional mom. Based on short stories by Ethan Canin, the script was penned by Sisam and Rick Velleu. Personally, I can't stand Fallon (not sure if you've noticed by now) -- the guy recites his dialogue as if he remembers only half of each line thirty seconds after it was supposed to be delivered. Plus, he always sounds half drunk, half "I was just hit by a bus." Eh, maybe it's just me.

In related news, Fallon also struck a deal with Universal to star in a musical-themed comedy for Tom Shadyac (Bruce Almighty) to potentially direct. Though the plot wasn't released, it is supposedly "being crafted to fit the talents that Fallon displayed on Saturday Night Live." Fitting, seeing as that was the last time anyone paid attention to the guy.

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