Okay, so back in May when I told you Rodriguez was finally ready to make action happen on the Madman property he's courted the rights to for so many years, what I really meant by "ready to make action happen" was "ready to make action happen in another seven months or so." Yes, although it was beginning to look like this year was just going to be another in the long line of "Hey, Rodriguez is going to make Madman!" rumor years which ends in defeat (we've had a number of those years since the latter end of the last decade), it turns out we've finally got some actual news coming. Rodriguez has landed a deal with the good folks at Dimension Films, and will follow largely the same path he took in creating Sin City. That is to say, he's enlisted the comic book creator (Mike Allred) to co-write the script with him and thus plans to stay very true to the original source material.

The entire project will be put together at Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios. Probably due to his already hefty plate of projects, Rodriguez will not actually be directing this one, instead tapping familiar collaborator George Huang to helm. Said Rodriguez of the team he's assembled: "George has always had a really great grasp of the books, and Michael is just about the coolest guy you'll ever meet, his Madman comics are nothing short of visionary." Yours truly is very excited about this combination.
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