OK, I know I should take this seriously. We're about to discuss a serious movie that deals with the aftermath of 9/11, the loss of a family, and one man's descent into madness. We also know that Reign Over Me comes from Mike Binder, the fine filmmaker behind The Upside of Anger, Indian Summer and, well um, ok, Blankman. But having said all that, I still have to admit that this new trailer kinda made me chortle ... and Reign Over Me is not a comedy.

Based on the trailer, it seems that Don Cheadle is a successful professional whose life is thrown into disarray when he crosses paths with his old college roommate (Adam Sandler), a mildly wacko loner whose family was killed in the World Trade Center. The film looks to be very somber, very sincere and very sober.

So why does the idea of Adam Sandler going "wide-eyed kooky" make me want to chuckle? And not in a Happy Gilmore sort of way, but in an I Am Sam sort of way. Obviously it's not cool to judge a movie solely by its marketing clips, but this trailer gave me a case of the guilty giggles. Hate to say it, but Sandler's funnier by accident these days than he is on purpose.

Still, Binder deserves a benefit of the doubt after the rather solid Upside, so please feel free to dismiss my disdain at your convenience. Unless you agree with me. ...
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